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Codes & Regulations


Zoning is controlled by your local government authority, and prescribes the land use and type and form of development in an area.

In some areas of Perth for example, zoning changes in 2010 have made it possible to get approval to build seven to eight apartments on what is only an 800sqm duplex block. This is rare of course.

Your land may be in an area that is zoned for residential use only, mixed use, commercial only or industrial only. The zoning also impacts and determines the R-Code applied to a block.

Areas near shopping centres and public transport nodes may sometimes benefit from higher density ratings like R60, which allows for more dwellings on one piece of land.

Local governments often modify or change zoning and R-Codes, and there may even be a zoning change planned in your area for the future. So it is important to keep informed of your council’s zoning activities. But if you are unsure of the implications of zoning laws and changes in your area, talk to Q Developments. Our local government, zoning and R-Code expertise will assist you to understand how they can be used for your benefit.

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