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Things to Consider

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Initial Considerations

We understand you don’t want to be held up with settlement because of a title issue, or to save money on build costs only to lose it all on interest costs because of delays.

We’re  here  to  guide  you

You will need to consider exactly what you want from your investment, as well as how to achieve your goal. For example, do you wish to sell or reside in the new dwelling/s, or perhaps you wish to rent your development once finished. These considerations can impact the size and cost of your project, the approach to titles and ownership and even down to the type of finance you will require.

Ensuring  a  smooth  process.

It’s important to have an open discussion with a development professional who understands how to achieve your objectives. We enjoy helping our clients structure their projects with the ultimate goal of ensuring you always get the results you are after.

Property Development

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