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Our Process

Initial meeting

To kick things off, we’d love to sit down with you and listen to your ideas, your goals and desired outcomes for your development project. This will give us an understanding of what you want to achieve and how and where we can assist.


Assessing your development site

After our initial meeting, we will arrange to visit your development site. There are many things to consider when assessing the best possible project for each particular site, and with expert knowledge and years of experience, we will be able to tell you exactly what can and can’t be done.


Designing your development

It is important we work out exactly what you are trying to achieve with your development project. We will clarify your expected outcomes for the project, expected return on investment, and any other results you seek. Our expert team of architects and designers will then work with you to design the most appropriate development to maximise the potential of your development project.


Pricing your development

We will outline exactly what costs are involved with your property development up front, so you know where you stand with financing your project. Our team has extensive experience in pricing and building successful development projects, and will deliver an accurate costing of your project and an estimate of its anticipated returns.


Financing your development

If required, our expert financial partners can take you through all the necessary steps to discuss your options and make sure you secure the best possible finance to support your project.


Planning your development

The planning stage of your development will require applications to council and obtaining all necessary environmental and regulatory approvals before your project can proceed. We will take the hassle out of you obtaining these approvals and liaise directly with local authorities to get your design approved. Our experience working with councils and authorities across the Perth metropolitan area means we will work through any issues and make sure the process is streamlined for you.


Construction begins

Our reputation for building quality homes is well-established. Our professional and highly skilled team of master craftsmen will make sure that your development is built to the highest standard and to your specifications. Our skilled team of builders, designers and tradespeople will ensure the progress of your development runs smoothly and that the final product is first class and built to stand the test of time.


Ongoing support

Our team will guide you through the development and building process until your project is successfully completed, and can address any concerns along the way. You can be assured that the team at Q Developments & Construction will continue to provide support as an ongoing development partner for your first and any future development projects. We are committed to getting you the results you want to achieve your goals.



Q Developments & Construction can also assist with offering guidance and support with the sales, pricing and marketing of your project. [need more info from Q on their approach here – is it outsourced to a particular sales agent for example?]

Property Development

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