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Codes & Regulations


Q Developments & Construction keeps up-to-date with all local and state government rulings and regulations relating to R-codes and zoning, and we can quickly find out and advise you what is possible on your block.

An R-Code (Residential Design Code) or density code is used to determine the minimum size of a residential block.

So an R-code of R20 means that an average of 500sqm is required per dwelling. R 30 means that an average of 333sqm is required and the much higher-density R-60 means an average of only 180sqm is required per dwelling.

R-codes also determine other basic building parameters such as plot ratios, densities and setbacks, open space, streetscape, access and parking, privacy, building height and more.

Keeping up with the frequent changes in zoning and R-Codes is where we come in and we can guide you through the often confusing and misleading framework.

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